Saturday, April 20, 2019



People living on the hill country plantations face various difficulties in accessing the state or public services. Since the social periods the management of the plantation have been outside the purview of the general state administrative units. Even now the vestiges of such scenario continue to remain. The right to reach the general services remains questionable as far as these people are concerned. Although various practical reasons are citied, administrative and language facilities and state policies are beyond reach of these people due to lack of will on the part of the government.

HDO, with these problems in view, initiated a project to facilitate the people to approach the public services, intended to prepare a banner or board detailing the services available to the people from departmental or divisional secretariat offices and exhibit them in the Grama Seva Niladhari office or the plantation office. The action was collaborated with CCFD of France. Action has been taken to provide such banner/ boards to 150 DS offices in the Nuwara Eliya district.

The Ambagamuwa Divisional Secretary, addressing the opening event of the project stated, we trust that the plantation people who have been sidelined, will benefit from this HDO initiated project. All people have the right to avail themselves of the Divisional Secretariat Services: and, so the plantation people too can reach us. We trust that these banners/ boards will guide them to us.

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