Monday, May 25, 2015

Land Meeting

In the contacts of various activities in pursuance of demand for Land & Housing. HDO carries out a series of activities. At the meeting held at Loolgandura Deltota in this regard.    

Thursday, May 7, 2015

May Day - 2015

Rally, Demonstration and Public Meeting@Kalmunai - Ampara

International Workers’ Day - 2015

We wear red color dress when participating in May Day events. It is the blood spilled by Chicago workers in 1886s than has made 8 hour work a reality to workers to day. It is the memory of the blood they shed that we wear red dress, said the human right activist, Director of HDO and General Secretary of WSU Mr. P.P. Sivapragasam addressing the mammoth gathering of the joint May Day – 2015 at Kalmunai, Ampara District of  Eastern Province.

It is the first occasion of 13  unions/organizations from different sections joining to hold May Day meeting and rally in the Kalmunai town – facilitated by Human Development Organization (HDO).

The ‘International Workers Day’ emphasizing the rights of workers with the rally starting in the Kalmunai CTB Depot road at 9.00 am on 1st May 2015, reached Christa Hall, Kalmunai.  

Around 700 women and men participated in the rally and public meeting. Representations of unions and organizations bearing placards and banners –voicing slogans, had joined the rally. The public meeting was facilitated by HDO Eastern Province Co-ordinator  Mr. P. Srikanth. He staid than traditionally the May Day demands related to worker rights. He also staid this in a worker Day.  
The May day was jointly organized by following unions/organizations:
      01.              Workers’ Solidarity Union. (WSU)
02.              Women Solidarity Front. (WSF) 
03.              Fisheries Network Front.
04.              Preschool Teachers’ Network.
05.              Agricultural Workers’ Societies.
06.               Ceylon Tamil Teachers’ Union.
07.              Sri Lanka Islamic Teachers’ Union.
08.              Eastern Media Forum.
09.              Amparai District Tamil Media Forum.
10.              Amparai District Tamil Media Federation.
11.              “Velvi “Women Development Forum.
12.              Youth Clubs.
13.              Language Rights Societies.

Demands of  Unions:

1.               Take steps to ban illegal fishing that affects the livelihood of  fishermen.
2.               Make arrangements to stop sea erosion, to remove the debris from the sea bed and to grant permission for the number of turns for catches of fish.
3.               Speedy up action to offer fishing accessories instead of fuel subside.
4.               Land and housing rights of the plantation community should be ensured.
5.               Determine plantation workers wages through  budget.
6.               Speedy up actions to provide/release social security funds (Employee Provident Fund, Employee Trust Funs and Gratuity) of the plantation workers (JEDB, SLSPC & Elkaduwa Plantation).
7.               Absorb Pre-School teachers in to Provincial Council system, make them monthly paid.
8.               Enact  anti-dowry laws.
9.               Ensure that the micro credit facilities to women workers for the economic development are channeled through registered societies.
10.           Make educational development assistance to women headed family children mandatory.
11.           Create self-employment opportunities for women with in the country to deter them from                                                                                                                                                                        migrating abroad for employment.
12.           Government to take necessary action to sustain and maintain a teacher service and their rights and dignity free of political interference.
13.           Ensure immediate payment of teachers salary arrears.
14.           Enact policies and laws to safeguard all round interest of agricultural and other non-formal sector workers and particularly women workers.
15.           Ensure safeguards to the rights and interests of media personnel / Journalists and right to publish and receive information. 
16.           Implement a pension scheme for media persons , in their economic interests.
17.           The government to formulate and publish a ‘Workers Charter’ containing the worker rights and interest and to create a mechanism to implement such charter.    

For the first time in the history May Day was commemorated in the city of Kalmunai, Ampara District of the Eastern Province on 1st May 2015. This event had then jointly organized by 13 unions/organizations including WSU and Fishermen’s Unions under the aegis and facilitation of HDO. It is noteworthy that they for most of the participants this was the first occasion.  

The following activists/leaders also addressed in the May Day Public meeting; Fisheries Union Federation leader Mr. Kabeer,  South Eastern University Senior Lecturer Dr. Anusia,  Teachers Union Ref. Mr. T. Sagadevaraja, Pre School Teachers Network leader Ms. Najumunisa, Media Forum Ref. Mr. Muza and Workers Solidarity Union Ref. Mr. S. Jeyapal.

The restoration of good governance, democracy and freedom of people by the new government that came to power on January 2015 has become most welcome for the people. However, although the May Day – 2015 was commemoration in this background, sadly, various incidents which were a deliberate interference with the freedom of organizes and participation marred the environment. Security persons in civil dress were present processions, meetings and points of organizations.
They questioned participants, organizers and other why on what basic and how they were conducting the May Day.

They had asked the speakers for their personal particulars and to give in writing the details of activities. However, the organizers refuse to give written information and undeterred by such interruptions conducted the processions and meetings which ended at 1.00 p.m

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Friday, May 1, 2015

The International Workers Day

The international workers day on celebrated thought the world. Our works solidarity Union was contacted it is May Day meeting at Kalmunnai on combination with several other Tarred Unions for a community changes. Under the preside by the General Security Mr. P. P. Sivapiragasam With the help of HDO’s Views and Opinions. Moure than 700 peoples were participate.