Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sri Lanka : National Human Rights Action Plan

Role of Public in drafting to safeguard and enhance human rights …

The government of good governance has paid attention to various subjects such as reconciliation constitutional reform and sustainable development.  In this respects Sri Lanka is drafting its National Action Plan to fulfill its duty and responsibility towards safe guarding and enhancing the human rights in Sri Lanka during next 5 year tenure ­2017-2021.
In pursuance of this objective namely to draftee the national plan a Ministry level team was appointed on 10th may 2016 through the Cabinet Order paper number 116/0836/710/016 included in the team are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of justice apart from some other ministries.
A guiding and drafting group comprising representative of Ministers and the government, CSOs representatives to oversee the working of the National Action Plan. It is important for the people too to extend their share though this action plan in order to ensure the production and enhancement of the human rights, started Mr. P.P. Sivapragasam, President of Human Development Organization (HDO) who has been nominated to serve a number of the Steering Committee.  He farther stated that the team calls upon the public to submit their observations and views on the subjects that have to be considered in relation to the human rights enhancement. He also started that it’s important for the people to draw their attention to the following matters which have to be included in the National Action Plan.  He emphasized the need for the contribution from the minority communities in Sri Lanka.                                              

The National Action Plan will cover the following subjects.

A.    Civil and political rights.
B.    Economic, Social and cultural rights.
C.    Prevention of torture
D.    Women rights.
E.      Labor rights.
F.      Migrant workers’ rights.
G.    Children rights.
H.    Internally displaced people rights.
I.       Differently abled people rights.
J.      Environmental rights.
The National action plan on human rights enhancement will be based on the flowing leading principles.
·         Importance of the system.
·         Responsibility in drafting the NAB to conform to the international human right standard.
·         Implementation of international duties and responsibilities.
·         Integration and indivisibility of human rights.
·         Ensuring the activities conform to human rights in clear terms.
·         People participation.
·         Monitoring and evaluation.
·         Continuity of the process.
·         National responsibility.
·         International dynamics.
Mr. P.P. Sivapragasam, of HDO who has been nominated member of the team stated that individual members and civil organization willing to submit their reports, may do so pointing out the objective, activity and the target period and indicate, clearly and addressing same to the address as for law. The Human Development Organization is in the process of organizing citizen participation in the process of developing Action Plan.

(Article published in National News Paper “Virakesari 25/9/2016 and Social Medias)

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